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Kućište - We reach Kućište on the peninsula Pelješac in the southeast port Dalmatian. It is 5 km from Orebić, 1 nautaica mile from Korčula, 2 km Viganj, 120km from Dubrovnik, by an asphalt rod along the seashore. We boning walk to west of Kučište near the Church of Holy Trinity, one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Dalmatian, dating from the second half the 18th century. West of the church a cart track leads to the local graveyard and the Medieval Gothic Chapel of St.Luke. A fifteen-minute walk along a path east of the graveyard brings us to the Renascence Capable of Our Lady of Annunciation.

Because of the windy conditions the location is ideal for windsurfing. During the summer the windsurfing world cap is held in this location (Viganj).

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